JSoko 1.81

Plays the Sokoban game running a Java program, using automatic path finding
1.81 (See all)

JSoko is a Java program for playing the Sokoban game. JSoko is developed with the help of the YourKit Java Profiler. Sokoban is a classic puzzle game invented in Japan. The original game of SOKOBAN was written by Hiroyuki Imabayashi. Today Sokoban is one of the most popular thought and logic games. The name comes from Japan and means "warehouse keeper".

As simple as that name is, so is the idea of this game: A level represents a store room, where boxes appear to be randomly placed. You help the warehouse keeper to push the boxes around the maze of the room so that, in the end, all boxes are on marked fields. The only restrictions are that the warehouse keeper can only push a box, never pull, and that just one box may be pushed at a time.

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